Cat® Marine Bundled Repair Solution C18 Engine Overhaul

Keep your vessel in business; overhaul it with our new C18 Cat® Marine Bundled Repair Solution.

From Foundational to Optimal levels, we are offering you flexible repair options for your Top End or Major overhaul. All Cat parts are manufactured to precise specifications and engineered for
reliable, high-quality overhauls.

You asked for improved pricing and a longer warranty – we listened. Delivered at a value price, your Bundled Repair Solution is backed by our one-year parts warranty, with available extended coverage up to three years.

Additional pricing and coverage benefits are available based on the level you choose and apply even if you do the work. Due to variations based on region, see your local Cat dealer for financing options and customized promotions available to you. Rely on your Cat dealer team to deliver professional advice, expert service and unmatched support across any water, on any coast.